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TTR-700 Tactical Take Down Rifle

TTR-700 with soft “computer case” and optional Pelican hard case.
The TTR-700 is the first mission configurable sniper rifle. It is a take down rifle that unlike all the others actually does come back to zero every time. With the change of the barrel you can change the range of engagement or even the caliber of the weapon for special missions. It comes in a “Computer Case” but has a optional jump bag or for other environments a “Briefcase Carry”. Standard Barrel length will engage to 500-600 yds. With an optional 24” barrel the TTR-700 will engage 800-1000 yds.(depending on ammunition.) Comes as a complete package add ammo and go. (Suppressor Optional)
                         Caliber                                      7.62 x 51
                          Action                                       Rem 700 Bolt Action
                          Length folded                          26.5 inches                
                          Length open                            36.5 inches
                          Height                                      9.75 inches
                          Weight                                     10.4 pounds
                          Barrel Length                           17.0 inches
TTR-700 in optional briefcase carry.

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